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Jupiter Alienomaly:
Discovering My 'Alien' Origins
and How Capturing Jupiter
Altered my Perspectives On the World
A short Novel written and illustrated by MellFran
Inspired by Real Life Events
The truth is in the Mind of the Beholder... Some truths are hidden deep within the core of those that have lived before in a variety of Vessels... The Original Blueprints and Codes are encrypted but vulnerable to exploitations through 'loop' holes and damaged firewalls... Access to the information contained within the Crystal Structures is a source of empowerment to those that seek the origins... Who dares to breach the firewalls and explore?  

*Image extracted from actual video capture of Jupiter with filters applied
Oza (ZaMella) answers a call from the
Inter'plane'tary Councils that nearly escaped
her optics...
Upon insight, she is guided through 'Light Rail' tunnels of confusing information that even the most imaginative mind would find a task to make sense of... 

Navigating the Sy'Stem' Freely and Imprinting the Crystal Infrastructure with 'Uni'que 'Sign'atures along the way...
Leaving behind a trail of Clues for those that dare to seek the Origins of ALL created life...

*Actual image of the Moon taken on January 12, 2020
Explore more of the story below by clicking the individual chapters
or watch the full video story here: Full Narrated Video Novel